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The Proper Use of a Miter Saw A compound miter saw is one of the most useful tools you will have in your workshop. IF a miter saw is not used correctly, it can be very dangerous. Here are some safety rules to help make sure that you are using your miter saw in the proper way and keeping yourself safe. The first rule to safety is to make sure that you are dressed appropriately. Although there are no hard rules for dressing, the best clothing to wear is that which is comfortable but not loose. This is important when it comes to sleeves. You long sleeves but you can’t make them hang loose because it might get caught in the saw. Protecting your eyes is important when you are using he power saw. It is important to have a miter saw when you use your miter saw. It is also important to put a hearing protection too. You should protect your ears because a miter saw is more than loud enough to damage your ears.
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Before you start cutting anything, your miter saw should be in good working condition. Every miter saw has a blade guard so don’t remove or disable it. Makes sure that it does not bind when you are lowering or raising the saw.
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The blade should be checked next. The blade should be sharp and properly installed. You dull blade need sharpening before use. Attach the saw blade properly to the arbor. It can really cause a lot of damage if it comes loose while you are using it. Make sure also that you unplug the miter saw first if you are checking the blade or doing any kind of word=k on the saw. Miter saws should be used properly. You should make sure to use the fence since it is there for a reason. If you want the piece that you are cutting to be kept in place, then you should use the fence. Use the fence to avoid the risks of cutting freehand. If you don’t use the fence, the wood you are cutting can be thrown at you. A lot of saw dust collects as you use the saw. There aer also small pieces of off cuts which can get in the way if you don’t clean them off regularly. Dusting away the particles is important so you need to stop once in a while just to make sure it is clean. You should have an alert mind while working. Miter saws are very dangerous and people forget that and that is why they don’t pay much attention. Always keep your hands away from the blade and make sure to follow all the safety rules.